Hey there! I’m from a small town in Northern Ontario called Thunder Bay (yes, that’s a real place.) 

I am an Actor, Producer and Dog Enthusiast. I recently earned a BFA in Acting for Film and Television from Studio School LA as a 2018 inaugural class graduate. That is where I became versatile in all aspects of the entertainment industry. You can catch me acting, producing, writing, petting a dog or drinking a coffee. 

I’ve had numerous film experiences both in-front and behind the camera. As an actress, I play the earnest sweetheart caught between her pragmatic mind and stubborn soul.

I am living between Toronto and Los Angeles with representation in both places. I am currently training at the Friends and Artists studio in Burbank with Sal Romeo and at Unit 102 with Dave Lafontaine.

Stay tuned…
                                    Hannah Russell, xo. 


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